Saturday, July 9, 2011

Comparing Facebook to Skype video chat

Facebook is adding Skype video chatting to its social network. Soon it could be Microsoft because Microsoft is awaiting regulatory approval to purchase Skype.

The service requires you to download some software and then you can launch video chats from a Facebook chat. We had some slow downs when we launched the Skype client while doing the Facebook chat.

For all the details on the Facebook Skype partnership, check out our coverage on Brier Dudley's blog.

GigaOm writer Ryan Kim and I did test two test calls: one on Facebook-Skype video chat and another call Skype chat. He's in New York and I'm in Seattle. I thought he looked better in the regular Skype chat, but the screen was smaller.

Here is what Ryan looked like in a Facebook video chat below.

From Pri0

Here is what Ryan looked like in a regular Skype chat below.

From Pri0

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