Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week in Apple: pirates versus iTunes Match, yet more iPhone rumors

It was a short holiday week in the US, but we were still flush with new iPhone and iPad rumors. Ars also dug into some of the legal issues that might be involved with iTunes Match and music piracy, and we discussed exactly how much time iPhone users spend playing games in a month. If you need to catch up, here's the roundup:

WSJ: next iPhone to be "thinner and lighter" than iPhone 4: Sources for the Wall Street Journal claim that Apple's next-gen iPhone will have a "thinner and lighter" form factor, and that Apple might want 25 million of the devices from a single supplier.

Ask Ars: will iTunes Match be used to chase down music pirates?: Plenty of people are wondering if signing up for iTunes Match could reveal the questionable source of their copy of the Village People's "Cruisin." Will Apple use iTunes Match to sort the pirates out from those that actually pay for their music? Apple won't say, but legal experts don't believe they will.

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