Sunday, July 17, 2011

Steam Improves its Content Delivery System


If you've ever struggled to download a new game on launch day from Steam, you'll be pleased to hear that Valve has upgraded its content delivery system. This should make it easier and quicker to download new titles that are in high demand, improve download speeds worldwide, and allow for more games to be shipped through Steam.

For those who are stuck with an ISP that has a monthly bandwidth cap (you poor thing), Steam will no longer force you to download unnecessary amounts of data when a game is updated. Instead, you'll simply download whatever has been changed, rather than the entirety of the files that have been updated. Updates can now also make their way onto Steam more quickly in the first place, thanks to a simpler process for developers.

Valve's announcement revealed some upcoming features Steam will be getting through client updates, including download scheduling, bandwidth throttling, and the ability to both prioritize the order that games are downloaded in and download updates for a game while playing it (the update won't be applied until after you're done playing).

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