Saturday, July 9, 2011

Katamari Creator Working on a Different Kind of MMO

It was a given that if Keita Takahashi got back into working on games, it would be on something different. After all, he left Namco Bandai last year because the future of games struck him as being "a bit dull," and he created Katamari Damacy "as an antithesis to games that were nothing but sequels."

Tiny Speck, a small developer founded by former Flickr employees, announced today that Takahashi recently moved from Tokyo to Vancouver to contribute to Glitch, its web-based MMO.

As the trailer above shows, it's not your typical MMO. The action all takes place in one big, persistent world where players create everything and there is little-to-no violence. It's free to play, which of course means there will be ways to spend money. A sporadic beta is ongoing.

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