Friday, July 15, 2011

1UP's Sucker Punch Blu-ray Prize Pack Giveaway

1UP's Sucker Punch Blu-ray Prize Pack Giveaway
How To Play

We've heard what you're saying to us on twitter: you want more movies!

Naturally, the first movie we thought of was Sucker Punch. With multiple protagonists and different vignettes, it would totally lend itself to a video game. That's why today we're giving you a chance to win Sucker Punch on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital, the Sucker Punch Origianl Soundtrack, and The Art of Sucker Punch book! That's a lotta swag!

Each winner gets all three prizes, so play to win from the moment we start! Here's what it takes to win:

Taylor Swift Milla Jovovich Maggie Grace Luján Fernández Charli Baltimore

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