Friday, May 6, 2011

Stopped they must be: warzones in Star Wars: The Old Republic

During the recent Star Wars: The Old Republic immersion days that Ars attended, the PvP play took a backseat to the PvE— after a briefing on the type of warzone we would be playing and the relevant class mechanics, we spent only two hours or so clashing Empire and Republic forces against one another. What we did see indicates that BioWare has put a lot of thought into their approach to PvP with a view to making it distinct from other MMORPGs, though it's hard to say how the setup will stand up to the use and abuse of players.

The setting of the warzone was a fairly standard resource war-type: each side was trying to control one of three turrets shooting at an enemy ship nearby during the Alderaan civil war, and once they had caused enough damage to the ship, it crashed out of the sky (the BioWare reps said that there is a great in-game animation of this in the next build) and the team that shoots their enemy ship down first wins. While this was nothing new, the mechanics that BioWare has implemented in SWTOR to mitigate the various disadvantages that arise in PvP combat were much more interesting.

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