Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Report: Microsoft has closed Pioneer Square studio

Microsoft has closed a research studio in Pioneer Square, CNET reported Thursday.

The studio in Seattle's historic neighborhood located across the lake from Microsoft's Redmond headquarters was supposed to develop new products for Microsoft. J Allard, one of the champions of the Xbox and Xbox Live, worked at the studio and left Microsoft last year.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Here is the report by CNET's Jay Greene.

Update 10:49 a.m.:

Lou Gellos, a Microsoft spokesman confirmed that Microsoft no longer has workers in the Pioneer Square studio.

"As part of the consolidation efforts and efficiency moves across the company which we?ve been engaging in for a number of years, this was a part of that," Gellos said. "The lease was coming up. The people there have been absorbed in other parts of the company and are still contributing to the things we?re doing."

He declined to comment on what Microsoft was working on at the studio. He also wanted to highlight that the company is doing some incubation work on new projects at FUSE labs, the Garage and other groups.

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