Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week in Apple: malware, patent trolls, and Senate hearings

It has been a strange week in Apple news, full of patent trolls going after independent developers, malware (or is that scareware?) making its way around on the Mac, more iPhone 5 rumors, and yet another Senate hearing. If you haven't had time to catch up, now's your chance:

Malware on the Mac: is there cause for concern? Ars investigates: Is malware truly becoming a problem on the Mac, or are reporters just working themselves into a frenzy? Ars interviewed 14 Mac support specialists—including Apple Store Geniuses—to find out. One thing is for certain: Apple is telling Geniuses not to acknowledge the existence of a piece of scareware known as MAC Defender—even on infected machines.

Patent troll shakes down iPhone app programmers: If your pockets aren't deep enough to fight a corporate giant, then sue the little guys for milk money. That's the idea behind a patent company's legal threats against several independent iPhone app programmers rather than Apple.

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