Saturday, May 28, 2011

Apple unlikely to use Samsung AMOLED displays for next iPad

Apple unlikely to use Samsung AMOLED displays for next iPadRecent reports stated that Apple was considering using a new Samsung AMOLED display for their upcoming iPad 3 tablet but says this is highly unlikely as production will not be able to hold up to expected demand.

The site says Samsung would not be able to produce enough 9.7-inch screens, especially since the company has already announced it will sticking to smaller and medium sized panels, mainly for smartphones.

Samsung's expected capacity is 8 million 4-inch AMOLED displays per month for the next six months. Tablet-sized displays are also said to have been delayed until early 2012.

The company will also use the larger (6 or 7-inch displays) for their own upcoming Galaxy Tab tablets.

Adds Barry Young, director of the OLED Association:

If anything, it would have to be after 2011, maybe 2012. It's just not going to happen for Apple.

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