Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sony to downgrade NGP specs before launch?

Sony to downgrade NGP specs before launch?According to, Sony will release the NGP this year in Japan only, with Europe and North America getting the handheld in early 2012.

Furthermore, Sony will have to downgrade some of the console's powerful specs, in order to stay competitive with the Nintendo 3DS' $250 price tag. gets a slight benefit of the doubt for the report because they leaked the full accurate specs for the NGP two weeks before it was unveiled officially by Sony.

If accurate, Sony will sell the low-end (non-3G) NGP for $250, but with 256MB RAM instead of the 512MB announced. The company may also remove most of the 16GB internal flash memory, meaning there may be a cloud offering or gamers will have to buy external storage.

To make up for cutting the RAM in half, Sony will allegedly reduce "the size of the OS footprint in memory."

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