Sunday, May 15, 2011

See the Canceled Bourne Game Treadstone in Action

Before Vivendi dropped the license to Robert Ludlum's Bourne series, Radical Entertainment was at work on a multiplayer-focused game known as Treadstone. Thanks to a discovery by Superannuation, we now know what the game looked like prior to being canceled.

While it's not the prettiest looking game around -- which is to be expected for a several-year-old game that was never finished -- it does look like it had some fun mechanics. Pushing a cart while blind-firing, jumping into and out of windows, and leaping onto cars from rooftops all looks fairly entertaining.

Superannuation also pointed out a blog that was posted last month talking about development of the game. Along with posting some screenshots (including the one below), Christopher Scott Hassell said that after he finished working on Prototype in 2008, he "moved onto a new project helping to build a new team and new game. We went on to create an action adventure playable game demo in the spy genre based around the Treadstone mythology. In less than a year while developing a new engine and building a new team we delivered an 'open neighborhood' playable demo with cover based gunplay, vehicles and parkour style platforming and movement."

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