Wednesday, June 1, 2011

E3 2011's Most Popular Rumors -- Will They Happen?

E3 2011 kicks off in Los Angeles in a week's time and, as always, there is no shortage of rumors about what we'll see at the show. Last year we saw the announcement of a new Xbox 360 model, Valve's Gabe Newell shocked everyone by showing up at Sony's press conference, and the 3DS was officially unveiled.

This year we'll be seeing the reveal of another Nintendo platform, codenamed Project Cafe. There's been no shortage of rumors surrounding it, but which are true? Will it have a touchscreen-equipped, portable controller? Will it brew you a cup of coffee?

The scuttlebutt is hardly limited to Cafe, either. Listed below are many of the big rumors connected to this year's E3 along with some thoughts on whether or not we're likely to see them. We're bound to end up being wrong about something, so feel free to share your thoughts and make your own E3 predictions in the comments below. During E3 week, be sure to check back with 1UP for news, impressions, and videos of all the happenings in LA.

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