Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interview: Dust 514 on PS3 will help, hurt EVE Online players in new ways

Halldor Fannar, CTO at CCP, has few illusions about what Dust 514 means for EVE Online, the studio's sci-fi/spaceship MMO. The PlayStation Network exclusive is designed to Interact concurrently and persistently with EVE Online, with players taking part in the PC MMO's stories and struggles. This is a major risk for the brand.

"PC players are really worried about what it could do, and how it could upset things," Fannar said, "but we need to energize the world by disrupting it every once in a while." Dust 514 is the first of a few things CCP is working on to broaden the appeal of the EVE universe. Fannar is acutely aware of human nature's aversion to change. Plenty of existing fans are on board with the expanding universe, and while that pleases Fannar, he clarified that Dust "isn't designed for them." PC gamers aren't uninvited, they just aren't the target audience.

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