Monday, June 6, 2011

Anti-TSA Groping Bill May Come Back To Life In Texas?

After Texas politicians (new motto: "don't mess with Texas, unless you threaten to take away our airplanes") backed down on a proposal to make TSA-style gropings illegal unless the TSA could show the Constitutional basis for them, many pointed out that the bill could not be reintroduced this session. However, according to Kashmir Hill, a loophole and a whole bunch of protesters complaining about politicians backing down may mean that the bill has one more chance this year.

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, who was one of the main reasons why the bill died in the first place, has now asked the Governor, Rick Perry, to call the bill during a 30-day special session that resulted from the state's budget fight. Hill notes that Perry might not be willing to take on this issue, due to his own presidential aspirations, but Perry has a history of going his own way on certain things, so it could happen. I'm still not sure the bill really has enough support to make it, but it certainly would create an entertaining legal fight...

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