Monday, March 14, 2011

TechFest: Microsoft builds a social news aggregator

This player was created in August 2010 to take adavantage of smart player technology. It is used in all embedded video on The Seattle Times as well as outside sites.

Microsoft showed an aggregator called Montage that trawls the social media world for news.

At TechFest on Tuesday, Microsoft Research showed the Web service and another one called Social News Search, which focuses on specific companies.

TechFest is the annual multiday fair for Microsoft employees to see the projects Microsoft Research is working on. The company showed a small slice of the fair to partners and customers Tuesday.

Lili Cheng, general manager at FUSE labs, said of Montage, "We started a tool for people who have to put up news. We find there's a general need for authored content."

She said some local news sites starting picking up on Montage to track what was being said about the Seattle snowstorm.

To check out Montage and aggregate news around a specific topic, go to

Cheng said the company has been working on Montage for six years. FUSE is a lab that focuses on social experiences the company recently folded into Microsoft Research.

Microsoft also showed Social News Search Montage that aggregates social feeds about specific companies.

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