Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog Post: Updated Core CAL suite to provide huge boost to UC

Microsoft Corp announced on 21 March at the MMS conference that the Core CAL suite will include Microsoft Lync? Server Standard CAL and Microsoft Forefront? Endpoint Protection in August 2011.

Essentially this adds in functionality of Instant Messaging / Presence, PC-to-PC Voice & Video as well as Antivirus and Antimalware Protection for every user licensed per Core CAL.

This is great news for all our existing customers that own Core CAL with active software assurance as it means that you will automatically own these components at that time.  If you renew your Enterprise Agreement with the Core CAL Suite prior to the August 1, 2011 price change, you will receive automatic rights to the updated Core CAL Suite at no additional cost for the duration of your agreement.  Other promotions may apply.

The new Core CAL suite:


The CAL (Client access license) is only one of the components when it comes to owning Microsoft Lync, but it is arguably the largest cost component to a standard Lync deployment.  For more information about the other components required to license Lync, please see my blog post on this topic.

NB: This information is provided as a guideline, always check with your licensing specialist / partner for the latest information.


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