Monday, March 14, 2011

Mozilla releases Firefox 4 RC

Mozilla releases Firefox 4 RCDownload it here: Firefox 4 RC

Mozilla has released the first Firefox 4 RC this week, meaning the final release of the browser is likely coming within weeks.

All beta testers have been automatically upgraded to the RC, which has over 8000 bug fixes since the first beta last year.

The browser features a minimalist interface, much improved JavaScript performance, increased HTML5 support (including WebM) and "a revamped plug-in architecture called JetPack," says PCM.

Firefox 4 adds the ability to create tab groups (dubbed Panorama), and adds tab pinning, as well. Frequently used sites, like Gmail and Twitter can be created into App Tabs, which means they will pin, and glow when updated (new tweets, new emails).

As with past versions, you can sync all settings, passwords, bookmarks and open tabs to mobile devices via secured 26-character key.

70 percent of add-ons are compatible with the RC.

Finally, the browser adds "do not track" to the "advanced" settings screen. By checking the option, you are telling sites that you do not want to be tracked for specialized advertising.

Download it here: Firefox 4 RC

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