Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homefront PS3 patch met with poor reviews; stats reset unaddressed

Kaos Studios responded to reports of "freezing" issues and other bugs in Homefront by pushing out a patch for the PS3 version of the game last night at approximately 8PM ET. In its announcement, the developer claimed that "far fewer issues" had been reported in the Xbox 360 version, though a title update was in the works nonetheless. Additionally, a "small hotfix" was released for the PC version yesterday, to be followed by "a patch with full change-list in the near future."

Following the update's release via PlayStation Network, a few worrisome comments began to appear below the announcement post. "I thik [sic] they broke the game," observed one commenter complaining of lag. "I hadn't had any lock up problems till this update, now all it does is lock up making the game unplayable for me," posted another.

"I too have lost my rank (PS3)," reads a more alarming comment, "I was rank 24 and i played a game and noticed i was back to 2." This issue of reset player ranks and XP appears not to be an unintended side effect of the patch, but rather an ongoing issue since the game's launch earlier this week, acknowledged by Kaos yesterday afternoon. "We are aware of the buggy leader boards and stat tracking issues and it is being addressed in an upcoming patch," promised Kaos' Dan Matlack in response to one of the many, many forum threads on the issue.

While the stats reset bug was not addressed in last night's update, Kaos' patch notes did highlight the introduction of "several fixes for reported freezes." In the main "PS3 'Freezing' Issues" thread, posters have reported mostly failed results. In the "Multiplayer Status Update" thread, similar complaints about freezing have appeared following the patch's release, in addition to reported server connection and party system failures.

Still, some forum-goers remain optimistic: "great patch, the only problem im still having is my ps3 is freezes usually after every other game," posted a cheery St0rMiN_X_NoRMaN.

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