Thursday, March 17, 2011

Android hacker, dev offered job by Sony but declines

Android hacker, dev offered job by Sony but declinesIt appears that Sony is at least looking into acquiring talent from the hacking scene.

Sony America recruiter Sarah McRae sent an email off to Android OS hacker Koushik Datta (aka Koush) offering an interview for a position on Sony's R&D team.

Koush was grateful but responded:

I appreciate that I have been contacted. The opportunity sounds very interesting! However, given Sony�s recent treatment of a fellow hacker George Hotz (@ geohot), I could not in good conscience work at Sony

The hacker/dev also added that Android has been good to him:

To clear up any confusion, I was not offered a job, just an interview, which I declined out of principle. For those saying �I�m going to regret being principled�, etc. Probably not. Android App sales have been more than good to me. Good, enterprising, devs should never find themselves short of opportunities.

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